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About BGS International Residential School

BGS International Residential School was founded by His Holiness Jagadguru Padmabhushana Dr. Sri Sri Sri Balagangadharanatha Swamiji of Adichunchanagiri Mutt, in 1997 and formally inaugurated on 19th January 2001 by  Bharat Ratna and the then Prime Minister of India Shri. Atal Bihari Vajpayee Ji.

The school is one of the finest centers of learning in India. It is a co-educational and residential school having foreign national and NRI students from across the world.

Our Mission

What We Stand For

The school is dedicated to nurture students to become conscientious and responsible citizens. These integral qualities are imbibed in our students with a spirit of adventure, exploration, research, and creativity.

The school staunchly believes in uniqueness and fostering every individual’s potential. Therefore diverse opportunities are provided for our dear students at the foundation level so they can tread a successful career path and have a bright future.

Our Vision

Teaching the Professionals of tomorrow

Child-centric education focussing on the all-round development of every student is the principal belief of BGSIRS. 

Below are a few pointers that form the ethos of our teaching style.

Committed to Excel

We’re always in the pursuit of excellence in character building, academics, sports, co-curricular, and extra-curricular activities.

360 Transformation

We aim at bringing about a total transformation in a student, not just in academics, but also in physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, social, aesthetic, and creative thinking. 

Responsible Citizens

Creating responsible, disciplined, and secular citizens – who are fully aware of their social, moral, and cultural obligations and commitments – with a desire for unbounded service to humanity.

Core Indian Values

Inculcating the best of Indian culture and tradition among children and cultivating in them lasting moral values. 

Equality Lessons

Establishing true equality among all students irrespective of their caste, community, financial status, and background is the ethos of our institution.

Personality Development

We focus on building self-reliance, courage, self-confidence, and self-esteem in students so they are ready to take on life’s unfavourable moments with great ease.

Learning Never Stops

We encourage our students to become keen learners and continue to have that desire for a lifetime.

Healthy Relationships

The school promotes positive interpersonal relationships, where students work together towards a common goal with a feeling of empathy and compassion towards their fellow mates.  

International Respect

Promoting international friendship and understanding by admitting students from different parts of the world, to enable them to learn about India, its rich cultural heritage, ethos, and values.

National Love

To develop a patriotic outlook in students with an everlasting desire to serve the country.

Critical Thinking

Fostering independent thinking, thoughtful decision-making, critical analysis and appreciation, and understanding of differences of opinion. 

Planet Protectors

We support our students in knowing what it is to live and grow with clarity of thought, in peace and harmony with nature, with grace and freedom in the world.

The Peacock

The Peacock with its plumage of vibrant and deep shades of Lord Krishna’s rich greenish-blue colours expresses space and endless opportunities.
The splendid feathers on its tail with eye-like spots symbolize its vigilance and attentiveness in the pursuit of learning.
The plumes on its head are symbolic of high ambitions, aspirations, and achievements of humanity.

The Trishul

The Trishul is a symbol of good overcoming evil. And when kept in the hands of the peacock, the Trishul signifies gentleness in combination with the strength of character.

The Sun

The eternal Sun is the center of our solar system that provides inexhaustible cosmic energy to the world.

Quintessentially, in the myriad colors of the Peacock, the Trishul, and the eternal Sun, our logo is a representation of Indian ethos – where different traditions, cultures, ideologies, and philosophies blend together beautifully.

Information about the School

Name of the School BGS International Residential School  
Year of Establishment1997
Name of the Trust Sri Adichunchanagiri Shikshana Trust 
Whether NOC from the State/UT/Recommendation
of Embassy of India obtained

NOC obtained from the Government of Karnataka 

NOC No: NOE054BGC95 

NOC Issuing Date: 15/06/1995 

School Affiliated to

CBSE Board since: 1997 

Affiliation No: 830058 

School Contact Details

      Email: principalbgsirs@gmail.com

      Phone No: 080-28437582/653 

      Fax No: 080-28437657 

Name and official address of the President: Sri Sri Sri Dr.Nirmalanandanatha Mahaswamiji,
Sri Adichunchanagiri Mutt,
Adichunchanagiri, Nagamangala Taluk,
Mandya District. 
Name and official address of the Managing Director: 

Sri Sri Prakashnatha Swamiji,
BGS Health and Education City
Uttarahalli main road,
Kengeri, Bangalore South

Email: bgssecretary7@gmail.com 
Phone No: 080-23304960
Fax No: 080-23382659 

Area of School Campus 

In Acres: 100 

In sq mtrs: 404685.64:100 

Built up area(sq.mtrs): 162091 

Area of the playground in sq.mtrs: 60784 

Other Facilities 

Swimming pool: 82×47 

Indoor games: 96×33 

Dance room : 96×33 

Gymnasium: 96×33 

Music Rooms 2 : 96×33 

Music Rooms 2 : 96×33 

Auditorium : 200×200 

Infirmary: 23×18 

Horse Riding Paddock: 200×200. 30 meters circle 

9 hole Golf Course

Yoga: 80X40 

Transport Facility 

Buses: Outsourced 

More details here..

Mode of Payment of Salary 

Name of the Bank through which salary is drawn: Canara Bank

Through single cheque transfer advice: Through single cheque 

Individual cheque: NO

Cash: NO

Admission Period As per Karnataka Government’s admission rules 

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Telephone: +91  9606283332
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School Hours: Monday – Friday
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