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BGSIRS, the learning hub, prepares students to meet the emerging 21st century realities. As a foundation to these efforts, the curriculum and methodology is created and designed to ensure the overall development of students with competencies that make them future-ready.

We aim to provide an international perspective in education, incorporating global teaching methods and international standards in the curriculum to empower students navigate the challenges and opportunities of the modern world. As the name suggests, BGSIRS allows a holistic and immersive education experience, offering a comprehensive curriculum from Primary to Senior Secondary levels. We follow a value- based approach to focus on character development and ethical values, in addition to academic excellence.

Furthermore, we embrace and impart the appreciation of diversity, practicing inclusion in teaching and planning thereby counteracting prejudices.

Primary Level

The Primary teaching approach typically focuses on a comprehensive and child- centric pedagogy. It is designed to provide a well-rounded education with an emphasis on core subjects. We stay steadfast in fostering metacognition at primary levels to empower students, approach problems and challenges more systematically, enhancing memory retention and recall, which is important for learning the primary level. We cater to augmenting the LSRW skills among the students for enhanced communication.

By incorporating inquiry- based learning, technology integration, collaboration and problem solving we stand firm that the primary level students develop Math skills needed in an increasingly complex and technology-driven world. Holding onto the diverse learning needs of primary students, we adapt the teaching methods to global awareness, ethical environment responsibility and cultural sensitivity and help students see that science is a lifelong journey. The resources used are student- centric that ignite the love for learning. In addition, we are fully committed to engaging students in the fundamental skill of Arts.


Middle School

Setting the stage for the students at the Middle School, we help them comprehend the skills that serve them well in the modern world. Encouraging students to think critically, we create the basis to use technology effectively including digital research, internet safety and basic coding skills. By emphasizing the continuous nature of learning, we instil in students the notion that adaptability and resilience are paramount, and this is what our curriculum dictates.

Introducing students to global issues, different cultures and the interconnectedness of the world, we educate them about environmental sustainability and the importance of responsible stewardship of natural resources.

Our program not only stipulates emotional intelligence, but our syllabus also prescribes project- based learning to engage students in real- world problems and solutions. To cap it all, we expose students to Civic Education, Health and Wellness and Cultural & Arts.

To thrive in the dynamic world and make informed decisions about the future academic and professional paths, the Middle School, the Secondary and Senior Secondary Education Curriculum bestow a deeper understanding of the subjects fostering critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Besides this, our curriculum encourages participation in co- curricular and extra- curricular activities such as sports, arts and community service.

Secondary and Senior Secondary School

Building the infrastructure for the Secondary and Senior Secondary School, we nurture creativity and innovation which pave the way for adapting to a rapidly changing world.

In the long run, we develop strong communication skills including digital and interpersonal communication, which is imperative. Both the Secondary and Senior Secondary Curriculum zero in on collaboration skills that not only enhance academic success but also prepare students for the demands of the professional world where teamwork and effective communication are highly priced.

Our teaching program gives prominence to global awareness and culture competence in a connected world. The curriculum addresses societal challenges, active citizenship, and social responsibility. In essence to navigate personal and professional relationship, emotional intelligence is integrated in the curriculum.


Concordant to what Benjamin Franklin expressed,

“Tell me and I forget,

 Teach me and I may remember,

Involve me and I learn,” we fixate on “I do, We do, You do.” Therefore, it is evident our curriculum spotlights on modelling and scaffolding.

In an era of financial Independence our curriculum hones on entrepreneurship to help students empower financial skills. We perpetually deliver in offering practical skills and career exploration opportunities to help students make informed decisions.


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