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The Department of Social Science on 7th and 8th July 2023, conducted a Civic Club Activity for classes 1 to 7. The goal of this effort is to broaden and deepen the student’s knowledge of civic engagement and democracy among students. Students at all levels of the educational system are taught to realize their roles as future leaders and their role in consolidating India’s democratic system. The idea is to rally them around the constitution to ensure the active participation of the students in the socio-political life of the nation. Therefore, the aims and objectives of setting up this Club are to study, analyze, and discuss the content/provisions of the constitution, to develop a practical commitment to social justice, democracy, and equality of all without discrimination on the basis of race, religion, sex, and level of education. Children have exhibited their craft skills by making manuscripts, and different types of houses, and celebrating the different cultures of the country through food and dress. Children gave the solution for sustainable development for the country. Thus, Civic Club Activities imparted informative and creative awareness of civic morals and values among the students.