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One of the major aims of teaching mathematics is to create interest and to remove the fear of the subject. A good mathematics teacher can involve the students in several co-curricular activities such as Mathematics Club, Mathematics Fair, and Mathematics Laboratory. Mathematics Club helps the students in having an idea of the practical utility of mathematics in addition to creating their interest in Mathematics. Objective of the activities were to encourage creativity, to ignite interest for mathematics, to reinforce the theorems, concepts, applications, to establish design thinking, to encourage real life applications of the concepts, to develop team spirit and leadership.
The following activities were planned and executed. Let’s play with dice : Game on addition and subtraction for Grade1, Place values and Number names with seeds for Grade2, Working model of clock for Grade3, Landscape using 2D shapes for Grade 4, Working models of different types of angles using flexible arm movements for Grade5, Thread painting of symmetrical patterns for Grade6, Fraction flowers using paper plates for Grade7, Using 3D shapes to make a model of any one of the seven wonders for Grade8, Making an electric circuit matching board of identities for Grade9 and Making a mathematical calendar of September 2023, using Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry for Grade 10.
The following are the students’ reflections on the activities conducted. The making of working models and the activities turned out to be a fun activity. There is a lot of learning from each other when creative activities are executed in teams. It is great to know that art, physics, and design can be integrated in learning Mathematics. Students felt that they are confident to apply in real life the concepts on which they could successfully create working models.